Modern materials & techniques: One of the key aspects during the Art Nouveau [18901919] was the use of an ornament as a structural piece, both in furniture and architecture. This inspired me to do the same using low-cost materials as 3mm plywood which is then laser-cutted and varnished in rubber to give it strength and bendability. This material together with the perspex tabletop gives the object its unique shape.

A shape needs to be daring: There is no right approach to look at Floresta. The table looks indeed very different from almost every side. The objects I make are like small characters, which means that the longer you are with them, the more you discover about them.

From 2D to 3D: All parts of the table are drawn in 2d using illustrator and when put together they form a 3d spectacle of branches and other floral shapes. All parts can be fitted in a flat box which makes it suitable for ecological transport.


Trial & error: While a lot of furniture pieces nowadays are drawn directly in 3d, this piece is still a mixture of both 2d and 3d drawings which is making the process quite difficult. While setting up the first prototypes, a lot of mistakes were still visible. These failures needed to be filtered out by measuring, recalculating and drawing multiple times.

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