Michel Gallus (1990), born and raised in Alkmaar (NL), continued his studies at the Design Academy Eindhoven after he had done a four years carpenter’s study in Amsterdam to gain more craftsman skills. His curiosity for different crafts and materials, together with the uncommon way he approaches these disciplines leads to new opportunities within the work of Michel. His work is a cross-pollination of different materials and techniques, where parts are joined to form bigger structures.

You're alway welcome to contact me at: info@michelgallus.com for a full resume,
or just give me a shout at Instagram or LinkedIn.


2019     ECCO Leather B.V. | Dongen
2015     Studio Dave Keune | Amsterdam

2015     Rood & Bakker meubelmakers | Alkmaar
2012     Jan Gunneweg | Bough Bikes | Alkmaar


2017 - 2020     Design Academy | Eindhoven
2012 - 2016     Hout & Meubileringscollege A'dam
2010 - 2012     Design Academy | Eindhoven
2003 - 2009     VWO Atheneum | Alkmaar

Selected Works

FlorestaProject type

Triaxial GlazeProject type

AeropiaProject type

Pink Metal ToolsProject type

FlosProject type

Mobile BarsProject type